The Department of Science and Technology, through the Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program (SET-UP), funded more than PhP114 million worth of projects for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in 2009, according to SET-UP report.

The report identified the 120 approved projects for MSMEs in 2009. SET-UP likewise processed 331 proposals for the year, with a total amount of  PhP211,480,420.90.

Among the priority sectors, food tops the list of approved projects for MSMEs, while horticulture/agriculture and metals/engineering tie in second place. Furniture, and gifts, housewares, and decoration (GHD) came in third and fourth respectively, followed by aquatic/marine.

Meanwhile, the Innovation System Support (ISS) tops the list of intervention for SET-UP beneficiaries.  ISS interventions are aimed at improving products through the help of new technologies or innovative production processes. ISS also supports the acquisition of new production equipment to improve the production processes.

Apart from the ISS, product packaging and labeling follows as the second most sought-after technology intervention among SET-UP’s beneficiaries. This intervention is vital to the products since packaging not only enhances the look of the product but also lengthens its shelf life. Good product packaging attracts consumers into buying the products on display. Meanwhile, labels are a market standard and contain important information on the product and its manufacturers.

Other interventions that SET-UP offers include publication, consultancy services, trainings, and information and education campaign (IEC) materials.

In 2009 alone, the program provided 25,562 jobs, and gave technical assistance to 1,239 companies. It also served 473 start up companies. It also transferred 20 patented technologies from DOST’s Research and Development Institutions (RDIs) to private firms for commercialization.

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