Dr. Baldomero Olivera, Harvard University’s “Scientist of the Year” in 2007, will keynote the National Science and Technology Week opening program on July 20 at the Manila Hotel.

The award-winning Filipino scientist is renowned for major research breakthroughs on cone snails--carnivorous, predatory marine snails common in the Philippines--which have significant applications in neuropharmacology, particularly in the development of painkillers.

Dr. Olivera is currently professor of biology and a neuroscientist at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City.  Under the Department of Science and Technology’s Balik Scientist Program, he visited several Philippine institutions last year to present his research findings to local researchers, students, and the public.

Meanwhile, this year's NSTW keeps in step with current world developments through the theme “Responding to Global Challenges through Science and Technology.” The theme’s global perspective resonates to this year’s NSTW celebration, which is spread out in various science communities and in the regions.

The science communities in Bicutan, Quezon City, Manila, and Los Baños have lined up various admission-free activities such as technology fairs, seminars, quiz shows, open house, and techno bazaar, among others on July 20-24. DOST’s regional offices will likewise run NSTW activities from July to November.

The annual NSTW celebrations traditionally showcase the recent domestic S&T developments along with various technology-based opportunities to researchers, science workers, investors, entrepreneurs, scientists, students, and the public.

NSTW updates are now available at or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for more information.

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