The Italian Government through the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the Italian Embassy and the Philippine Government through the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) have finally set the flow for the technology demonstration of the Italian Kobold Turbine for Marine Current Power Generation in the Philippines . The Cebu Strait was identified as the potential site for the installation of the Kobold technology. Marine currents at 4 meters/second is required by the Kobold to generate energy which is equivalent to wind velocity of 136 kilometers/hour needed by a wind turbine to also generate power. At present, the Kobold Turbine is installed at the Messina Strait in Italy and is generating power of 50 kilowatts. The Philippines was chosen for the demonstration project because it is surrounded by coastal waters, a good resource for marine current power. For DOST, the project will be monitored by the Philippine Council for Industry and Energy Research and Development (PCIERD).

DOST enlisted the Colorado Shipyard Corporation (CSC) and the Filipinas Fabricators and Sales, Inc. (FFSI) for the project. The agreement for the implementation of the demonstration project was signed on February 21, 2008 by Italy ’s Ponte Di Archimede (PDA), the developer of the Kobold represented by Mr. Lorenzo Matacena, Engr. Arthur Uy of CSC, and Ms. Alice T. Villanueva of FFSI.

In the same wavelength. Italy ’s Ponte Di Archimede (PDA), the developer of the Kobold represented by Mr. Lorenzo Matacena (5th from left), Engr. Arthur Uy of CSC (4th from left) and Ms. Alice T. Villanueva of FFSI (6th from left). Flanking the signatories are (from left) Mr. Felipe Y. Pestano, FFSI, Italian Ambassador Rubens Ana Fidele, DOST Secretary Estrella F. Alabastro, Dean Pestano, FFSI, Mr. Luciano Fulcie, PDA, Engr. Raul C. Sabularse, Deputy Executive Director, PCIERD, Engr. Loreto C. Carasi, PCIERD Project Monitor.
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