The science buffs, techies, and inventor wannabes among today’s Filipino youths will be the country’s scientists, engineers, and technopreneurs of the future. With science and technology (S&T) as major economic drivers, the youth are expected to carry the torch for the Philippines on its way up the ladder of economic progress.

Hence, opportunities for learning are offered to this segment of the youth population by the Department of Science and Technology’s Science Education Institute (SEI) and Philippine Science High School System (PSHS).

One of these opportunities is DOST’s scholarship program for the high school, undergraduate, and graduate levels.

For college level, scholarships include the RA 7687 or the S&T Scholarship Act of 1994, Merit Scholarship Program, Project Grant for Educational Assistance on Technology and Science Teaching Courses in Mindanao, Junior Level Science Scholarship, which may be availed by undergraduates.

For Master’s and Doctoral degrees, the following are available: Accelerated S&T Human Resource Development Program, Engineering Research and Development for Technology, and Capacity Building in Science Education.

For the high school level, the PSHS provides free tuition and monthly stipends, among others.

To help stir the interest of science buffs, the SEI and PSHS have lined up various activities for the 2016 National Science and Technology Week. Among these are a science film showing, a talk on space science dubbed as TEC Talk, interactive demonstrations on key STEM topics at a 21-century Innovation Classroom, a teachers’ activity using creative modules for improved STEM teaching, poster contest, design thinking workshop, and a seminar forum on electricity. This interesting mix of activities aims to further awaken young Filipinos’ passion for S&T while showing them the way into the future of global S&T.

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