The article entitled “How far is the Philippines from achieving inclusive growth” was published in Businessworld last April 4, 2018. The scorecard shows mixed results based on the following indicators: GNI per capita, poverty incidence, subsistence incidence, food inflation, human development index, employment/unemployment/underemployment rates and Global Innovation Index (GII).

This article entitled “How the Philippines compare with its neighbors in terms of protecting intellectual property” was published in BusinessWorld on April 5, 2018.

Another featured article in BusinessWorld on March 7, 2018 refers to the Monthly Integrated Survey of Selected Industries (MISS) of the Philippine Statistics Authority. Data showed that manufacturing outputs expanded by its face in more than four years in January. Manufacturing output, as measured by the Volume of Production Index (VoPI), rose 21.9% year on year, recovering from four-month contraction in much of last year’s second half.

Another featured article in BusinessWorld issued on February 20, 2018 and the Environmental Performance Index report (Source: Yale Center for Environmental Law and PolicyUniversity) refers to “How did the Philippines fare in dealing with environmental issues?”.

The BusinessWorld Report (published on March 2, 2018) on the Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GRCI). The index measures and ranks countries based on four (4) key pillars: a) Enable (the country’s regulatory and business landscapes), b) Attract (how open a country is to “outside” talent and the “underprivileged”, c) Grow (how well a country develops its people, e.g. education) and d) Retain (e.g., quality of life). It also takes into account the country’s availability of workers with vocational and technical skills and “global knowledge” skills (e.g., workers in managerial and professional positions).